dynamic programming for colinearity analysis of genomes


Dynamic programming which is widely used in sequence alignment can also be used to detect colinearity between/within chromosome(s). ColinearScan is a free software package distributed under GNU Public Licence v2 on a statistical model for colinearity prediction.

The current version is ColinearScan 1.0.1 (2006 Jan 25).


All distributions below come with user documentation (plain text). Please see the file INSTALL for installation instructions.

ColinearScan should build cleanly on UNIX platform. The package has been tested on Linux X86, Linux AMD64 and Solaris Sparc. The code is standard ANSI C++ and PERL.

Source code download i686 Linux AMD 64 Linux Sun Sparc Solaris

Supplementary download


For user's convenience, we built RPMS of BioPerl for Fedora.

Reporting bugs

Email us, if you find any bugs. Please give us detailed information so that we can reproduce the problem.

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